Jake Pitts

Hollywood, California's Black Veil Brides combine the 1980's glam metal imagery of Kiss and Motley Crue with an ever changing musical style, covering everything from Pantera-style groove, Hetfield-esque vocals, with the attitude of '80s punk and hard rock acts.

Lead guitarist with the band since 2010, Jake Pitts has featured on all four of the band's studio albums - from 2010's We Stitch These Wounds, right the way through to 2014's hugely successful self-titled record, which debuted at number 10 in the Billboard 200 chart.

With a huge, ever growing fan base, sell out shows across the world and much more to come, we can't wait to see what Black Veil Brides have in store next.

On Marshall, he says:

"As a professional musician and music producer, I have a collection of all kinds of amps. In my experience, Marshall amps just have something special and unique. They give me the depth and clarity in the note definition I'm always seeking, even on the high gain channels that I need to cut through the mix, and sound heavy! Be it live or in the studio, Marshall destroys all!"