Richard Jones

Richard Jones grew up in Cwmaman, an ex-mining town in South Wales. While most of the kids in the town played guitar, Richard picked up a bass instead, keen to increase his chances of joining a local band. The decision definitely worked out in his favour and in 1992 he formed Stereophonics with his local friends. 

Starting out as the first band signed to Richard Branson's V2 record label, Stereophonics have gone out to the one of the most successful rock bands to come out of Wales. The band are praised for their live performances, taking to the stages at Reading and Leeds, Glastonbury and V Festival year after year. After the release of their sixth album, 'Pull The Pin', the band became the eigth group ever to get five consecutive UK number one albums.

Richard plays through a WTP900, D810XT, D410XST and D410XLT. 


How would you describe your ideal bass sound?

Ideal bass sound for me is the combination of weight, warmth and clarity.

as your bass sound and/or style changed during your time in the Stereophonics?

I'm always trying to improve and change the style of my playing. I believe you are always learning no matter how much you know. My sound has changed over the years, not hugely. Different periods/albums of the band have dictated a change and you have to adapt your gear and methods to accommodate the changes.

Your most recent album, Keep The Village Alive, is inspired by your childhood in South Wales. Which artists inspired you in those early years?

Free, Bad Company, Tragically Hip, Pearl Jam, Neil Young... We played a lot of different music when we started and loved rock music. The list could go on and on.

What is it about your Eden rig that you particularly like?

I've enjoyed how quick it's been to dial in the sound and get comfortable with it. It's got the right combination of depth and tone and a great feel behind me.

What would be your one top tip for bass players?

Do what's needed for the song. And listen to as many different styles of music. Have fun!