Posted: 3 May 2018

We catch up with the band that won't be defined. 

Read time: 2 mins

A Day To Remember have a sound that’s hard to describe but that’s just part of the appeal. In fact, their varied and dynamic sound has been keeping us hooked for the past 15 years. In an industry filled with one-hit wonders and fleeting fame, A Day To Remember remain constant. They may have been around for a while now but we still get excited with every album release and every festival announcement. We caught up with guitarist, Kevin Skaff, to talk about all the best bits.

Tell us about a memorable event from the past 15 years. 

If my memory was great this would be easy. There’s been too many great moments. I couldn’t pick just one.

Do you have a favourite song from the last 15 years. 

Oh man. As far as playing live I really enjoy “Right Back At It Again”. It’s an easy enough song that I can relax and watch the crowd go nuts.

Have Marshall amps helped with your set up and sound? 

Marshall has been with me since day one. JCM900 at the beginning to plexis to JCM800s today. It’s the one constant I’ve had over 15 years of this.

What’s next for the band?

Hopefully we play on the moon!

You can keep up to date with the latest from Kevin and the rest of A Day To Remember here.