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Daniel Letman

Posted: 18th May 2023

At 12 years old, Daniel Letman was shortlisted for the 2020 Young Drummer of the Year Award. Now 15, Daniel is still showing no signs of slowing down. Find out more about why Daniel started playing drums and what it means to have the support of Natal.

Read time: 2 minutes

What made you want to start playing drums?

There was an event where a drummer called Jesse Grant picked me up at the age of one, he brought me to his kit and he held my arms while playing a simple beat. He let go of my arms and I kept going in time with his foot. That was the moment I knew I wanted to start playing drums.


Who are your main drumming influences and who inspires you to play or makes you want to keep improving?

My main drumming influences are; Devon Taylor, Aaron Spears, Travis Barker, Sean Wright, Gerald Heyward - And drummers from the UK; Julian Chambers, Matty Brown, Jesse Grant and Dexter Hercules, Kaz Rodriguez, Oli Wiseman all inspire me to play better and keep improving.

Tell us about your new Natal kit (Configuration, Finish) and why did you go for that set up?

My new Natal kit is a white metallic Maple Originals series kit in the following sizes - 10" x 6.5", 12" x 7", 14" x 14", 16" x 14", 22" x 18" and I also have two Natal snares that include a 13" x 7" hammered steel snare which I use for my main snare. I also have an additional 12" x 5.5" hand-hammered steel snare. I have these sizes because they reflect the type of style I play. I decided to go with the maple finish because it has a warm tone.

Do you have a practice routine? How often do you practise?

I practise most days to drumless tracks trying different things to test myself and have fun. I also try to apply different rudiments to different tracks to see what I can do. I also like to just hit the kit and see what my hands come up with.


What’s next for you on your drumming journey?

I enjoy playing and I want to keep learning, keep getting better. I would like to play for a hip hop or r&b artist maybe, but as I enjoy lots of different music I'd be happy playing for most bands, I also am looking to release a musical album of my own.

Check out Daniel's track playthrougH