Inspired by music, designed to impress

Bringing together musicians and designers to Create truly unique amplifiers

At Marshall our process creates OUR iconic sound

From the very first step we are focused on creating a product that plays great and sounds great... But once our process is finished that's when your process begins. For generations musicians have taken our amplifiers as the starting point for their creativity. They take a guitar sound and think bigger.

Every player has their own influences and technique. From the equipment they use to the sound of their playing. No two players sound alike. An amplifier is a blank canvas for you to create your tone. Just like your tone should stand out, your amp should too.

Our Creative Origins series takes that mantra to heart. We gave 3 musicians an Origin 50C and asked them to play their music their way. We then paired them each with their own designer. Inspired by their playing, the designers modified their amps to better suit the musician and create something totally unique.

Standout music deserves a stand out look. It's all part of the process.