Tone Tutorials


Posted: 25th April 2023

The Marshall sound can be found on classic albums, countless stages, and in pretty much every rehearsal room and bedroom around the world. But how can you sound like your heroes? 

Well luckily for you we wanted to share some of our players’ favourite settings so you can dial them in yourself. Or you can use them as a starting point for your own sound. There’s much more to that iconic Marshall sound that’s still to be discovered, so get to it. 

Classic clean

This is a great all-round sound that you can build on by adding gain or modulation. Stick to the classic gain channel on clean and roll back the treble and dial up the reverb to add ambience.  

Listen below to the 'Classic Clean' tone.

21st century drive

Get a deep, gritty guitar sound that is perfectly suited to alternative, rock and grunge by selecting OD1 on the Ultra Gain channel.  

Listen below to the '21st Century Drive' tone.

searing leads

The sound you need for your ultimate solo! With OD2 engaged there’s enough gain to provide bucketloads of sustain, whilst there’s also lots of warmth within the EQ. Perfect for any guitar but go for a humbucker to get truly scorching sounds.  

Listen below to the 'Searing Leads' tone.