Tone Tutorials


The Marshall sound can be found on classic albums, countless stages, and in pretty much every rehearsal room and bedroom around the world. But how can you sound like your heroes? 

Well luckily for you we wanted to share some of our players’ favourite settings so you can dial them in yourself. Or you can use them as a starting point for your own sound. There’s much more to that iconic Marshall sound that’s still to be discovered, so get to it. 

throwback drive

Origin is just as capable of growl and crunch as it is soft cleans. Turn up the gain and treble controls for saturated overdriven sounds. The addition of treble will really give it more of a classic, throwback vibe. 

Listen below to the 'Throwback Drive' tone.

Country Clean

Keeping the tilt control around the middle gives a balance between treble/rounded tones. Boost the mids slightly and pull back on the gain and presence for warm, clean tones.  

Listen below to the 'Country Clean' tone.

smooth Blues

Turning the tilt control just past halfway gives this sound a bright, high-treble edge. Combine this with the presence control for a crunch tone that will cut through on stage. 

Listen below to the 'Smooth Blues' tone.