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“These lessons will expand your control of the instrument, and transform the way that you feel and hear your guitar.” - Paul Gilbert, 2019

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Lesson 1 - Shake it don't break it
Bending strings without breaking them.
Lesson 2 - The thumb and the thwump
The ways of the downstroke.
Lesson 3 - Contrast and CONTRAST
The powers of picking.
Lesson 4 - Phrase that pianos can't do
The bend notes that pianos can't reach.
Lesson 5 - How angry are you?
The power of vibrato finger bends.
Lesson 6 - Don't let the drummer be the only one in the band who rocks
The importance of syncopated rhythm.
Lesson 7 - Dum Pah Chicka (Kung Pao)
The Chicka style of picking.
Lesson 8 - Giant finger endings
Be vibrato ready by ending on the giant finger.
Lesson 9 - Vibrato up to the sky or down to the ground
Understand the '4 and' rhythmic timing.
Lesson 10 - Rock wrist transitions
Efficient left-hand transitions.


Lesson 11 - Chicka Funka Thumb
The groove and strumming right-hand technique.
Lesson 12 - Giant finger jumping
Jumping quickly with two finger bends
Lesson 13 - Dynamic pentatonic challenge
The challenges of the pentatonic scale.
Lesson 14 - Werewolves of Portland
The right-hand technique of bending your fingers across the strings.
Lesson 15 - King Arthur's Legato picking arpeggios
Using your shoulder in the up stroke.
Lesson 16 - Minor mix up
Add notes to your minor scaling.
Lesson 17 - With a little help from adjacent muting
The power of left-hand muting.
Lesson 18 - Wrist twist anti sausage
Twist your left-hand wrist efficiently.


Lesson 19 - Tears for muted picking
Use bridge muting to tighten your tone.
Lesson 20 - Non widdly sixes
Add repeating patterns to your lead playing.
Lesson 21 - Smooth scales
Create a smooth scale by not to picking every note within it.
Lesson 22 - Anchors away
Free up your right hand and make it more accessible when picking.