Rising star Laughta, is getting set to release new project 'Dar3 2 B3 Diff3r3nt', a 12 track piece of work establishing this maverick artist firmly in her own lane,

Says Laughta, "It's about not seeking approval, and not conforming, just being true to who I am. This whole project has been about creativity and pushing the boundaries of making music creating my own unique sound as I'm self producing, mixing and mastering everything myself so I'm fully immersed in this. I talk of challenging beauty standards, touch on real topics, real issues that women face around relationships, empowerment, not being controlled, independence & individuality!"

Laughta can be heard on Reprezent radio on the 'Laughta Gas Show', she also recently did a takeover of Radio1's Sound system show. Laughta is a founding member of Women in CTRL and uses her platform to raise awareness and plays at least 50% women & gender minorities in her shows.


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