Lazy Queen

Through a series of lauded releases indie punk outfit Lazy Queen has emerged from the Norwegian music scene as a blast of fresh air, making the move from New York, where Colombian-Norwegian Henrik García Søberg founded the band.

Fast forward to now, the Oslo-based Lazy Queen have embraced the new decade with an ever-evolving attitude of acceptance, perseverance and survival, creating an effervescent soundtrack along their journey. With an instinctive ear for melody and a uniquely intuitive sense of identity, Lazy Queen effortlessly weaves harmonic and discordant elements together that transform into a rich soundscape of bouncy yet jagged poignancy when the band comes together to complete the jigsaw puzzle of each track. Like CLASH Magazine puts it, “their penchant for bouncy, punk-infused electro-pop allows them to deliver poignancy with a sprinkle of sugar”. It’s immediate. It’s urgent. It impatiently demands your attention


Bookings: Worldwide (excluding American Territories)