new pagans

New Pagans use their creative influence to challenge past and present issues surrounding relationships, equality, history, and gender, all wrapped up in their alternative, post-punk, indie rock style.

The New Pagans voice is a loud and important one, with much more still to come. They are one of the most exciting and interesting rising acts, both sonically and visually. As a collective they offer a wealth of artistic scope from Lyndsey’s skills in Irish embroidery, her historical knowledge and distinctive vocals, bassist Claire Miskimmin (Girls Names, Cruising) visual artistry and talents as a director, to the musical experience of guitarists Cahir O’Doherty (Jetplane Landing, Fighting With Wire), Alan McGreevy and drummer Conor McAuley. The band schedules are designed to fit around parenthood and other duties, a quality Lyndsey believes to be a mark of achievement.


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