Wolf & Moon

On their third album “To Get Lost” (release: June 16th, 2023), the Berlin-based indie duo Wolf & Moon create a beguiling interplay of psychedelic, shimmering dream-pop melancholy and euphoric hooks. On the most extroverted work to date, Stefanie and Dennis de Beurs deal with personal blows of fate and give their PopNoir a new drive, which draws a line from The xx and Beach House to Tame Impala and the early Santigold. The result is the band's most powerful album to date, which was nominated for a VUT Indie Award with their 2019 debut "Before It Gets Dark" and has already played gigs in twelve countries on four continents, including events such as SXSW, ESNS and the Reeperbahn Festival. On "To Get Lost" Wolf & Moon light up a warming fire at the end of the tunnel for all lost souls. "When you lost your heart on the way, we can find it again," they sing. And you believe them immediately.


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