About Marshall Records

Marshall is more than just an amp manufacturing brand. Marshall is a music brand. Jim Marshall's passion for music was the driver for all that he achieved. This same motivation is at the heart of Marshall Records.

The label supports musicians to create, record, produce and promote their music.

When did you last hear a new band that got you properly excited? That eureka moment where you discover something that cuts through the noise and hits you right where it hurts? Getting carried away with a brand-new song is what music is all about – finding a band that will change the world.

Nowadays, it’s not as easy to find music that has that effect. Music has evolved. Anyone can record music using their phone or a laptop. Within hours it’s appearing on streaming platforms and is hooked straight into the ears of potentially billions of people all around the world. This is the best thing ever for up-and-coming music… but it might also be the worst. Now, someone with a song can potentially reach an audience that previously they could only dream of. However, with so much music available, how do artists get the support they need to hone their craft? This is exactly where Marshall Records comes in. As part of our pledge to support grassroots music now and in the future, we offer iconic equipment, a state-of-the-art studio, a ground-breaking live agency, and our very own record label created to champion the best music – Marshall Records. We offer the full package to help musicians reach their true potential. When we say we want to discover new music, we mean we want to nurture it, develop it, and deliver it direct to you.

You can listen to the Marshall Records bands here.